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Features That Make The Benelli 828U A Great Upland And Waterfowl Gun

The launch of the Benelli over under shotgun 828U from Benelli was indeed a huge thing from the gun makers as well as avid users’ point of view. There have been quite a few smart aspects that make this gun a more reliable and a master performer. This article will talk about the important features of the Benelli 828 12 gauge gun.

Benelli 828 12 gauge

This gun comes with a shim system and is the first of its kind that comes with such a feature. The shim allows users to adjust the ‘cast and drop’ of stick in more than 40 positions, which is quite impressive. This gun has indeed being reviewed as one of the most ‘easy to use guns’ for starters and following are some of the features of this gun that helps starters. The free-floating locking plate that is incorporated in the new locking mechanism ensures a robust design and makes the gun perform much better. It has got four contact positions with the barrel of the gun. Owing to this, the makers of Benelli were allowed to use a lighter aluminum frame that ensured a meager 6.5 pound weight of the gun.

The additional features of the gun include an ejector which is impulse driven and thereby increases reliability. This feature makes the gun a great machine among shooters as reliability is one of the major aspects that shooters look for because they do not want to miss out on their target due to some stupid mechanical shortcoming. The gun also sports crio-free floating ventilated barrels, which has a carbon fiber rib and a fiber optic sight.

Much unlike the lever that is found on other over/under shotguns, the Benelli 828U shotgun for sale re-cocks the gun by opening the barrels. Its re-designed levers re-cock the hammer and it is very effective as it lessens the possibilities by removing the linkages that did not work in the previous designs that were incorporated in the over/under shotguns.


The other features that make this gun a cool addition to your arsenal is the ‘drop-out’ trigger. This feature can only be found in high end guns. Using a tool that comes with the gun, the user can easily pop out the trigger group to clean it. What users can also do is to remove a spring and then choose the manual safety option from being an auto one. This is often preferred by target shooters who often like to take this feature off and then leave it throughout skeet or sporting clays.

The barrels of the Benelli 828U are interchangeable with other guns and this is a hard to find feature among ‘break-action’ guns. Benelli 828U shotguns for sale have certainly got good reviews for some of these features that truly make the gun a versatile one. The good mix of great engineering that enables easy shooting and increases reliability makes this gun a wonderful upland or waterfowl gun. There are numerous other Benelli 828U reviews which hold the gun high because of the price in which it is available.

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