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Essential Hunting Tools That Experts Use

Since time immemorial, man has engaged in hunting. Back then, early humans had to rely on limited tools to gain the edge over their prey. Nevertheless, humans became extremely adept at the activity.

Nowadays, with the advent of new technologies, humans have become even more proficient in the skill of hunting. Let’s take a look at what essential hunting tool an expert hunter use while hunting.

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Proficiency with a hunting weapon

Optimally, you’ll have to get a ranged weapon before you can start hunting. Rifles and shotguns are the usual choices. Some prefer to go the way of the bow. Whatever weapon you choose, it’s important to get proper training in its handling.

Hunting-appropriate apparel

Going on a hunting trip exposes you to a lot of things. Wear the appropriate apparel so you can stay dry and comfy. If possible, get camouflage clothing. Don’t forget to bring a handy backpack for your other tools.


A trusty hunting knife

You’ll need a knife with a sharp blade that can withstand punishment and can be used for a variety of purposes. The knife should have a non-slip handle as well for maximum grip.

For skinning small critters, a smallish blade will be enough. For big game, you’ll have to be prepared with a larger blade.


Reliable rangefinder binoculars

Rangefinder binoculars are invaluable in hunting situations. Aside from having a nifty tool for locating targets, the advantage of precise distance data is just too useful to ignore. Consider investing in rugged binoculars that will last you multiple trips.


A rugged smartphone with GPS function

A smartphone is basically a multi-purpose toolkit and communication device. There’s plenty of uses for it in the hunting grounds. Internet access, for one, is a boon to anyone. It can be used as a compass and when possible, for GPS data. You can use it to call in for back-up or help during emergencies.

For more reliable mobile and Internet reception while in the woods, consider purchasing a signal booster. Look into vehicle-based booster kits like the into the weBoost Drive 4G-X.

A first aid and survival kit

A complete first aid kit should put you in a great position to handle potential injuries and ailments. Make sure your kit has the necessities like alcohol, bandages, and antibiotics.

A basic survival kit will cover for plenty of unforeseen situations and is just part of a diligent hunter’s preparations. This should include a portable tent, blankets, matches, a rope, canned food supplies, and other camping essentials.


Ample lighting tools and extra batteries

A strong, reliable LED flashlight and a LED headlamp should be part of any hunter’s supplies. A smartphone, while able to provide light, is terribly insufficient for the pitch black darkness of the wilds.

Don’t forget to bring extra battery packs for your lighting implements as well as your other electronic devices. Multi-port power banks are a convenient solution to this.


Moving forward

Preparedness is the key when hunting. This involves packing the right weapon and tools to get the job done. Preparedness also involves contingency plans in case worse comes to worst.

Aside from having the right toolset, a hunter must also be prepared with the right knowledge for the hunt. All the tools in the world won’t help a hunter who’s woefully unprepared for the realities of the wild.

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