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EOTech G33 Magnifier with QD STS Mount Review

In case you’re searching for an expert evaluation magnifier that offers an extensive field-of-perspective for your red spot or holographic sight, you’ll admire the G33.STS 3X Magnifier by EOTech. Made with an enhanced outline over more seasoned models, the new ‘Change to Side’/ ‘Shift to Side’ (STS) mount gives a quick move from 3X to 1X amplification.

EOTech G33 Magnifier

Shorter and lighter

The new G33 magnifier is shorter and lighter than the G23. It offers a better than ever mount giving speedier transitioning from 3 xs to 1x, apparatus free azimuth conformity, bigger field of perspective and a customizable diopter for enhanced, more exact centering. This new G33 is a reasonable amplified arrangement that will move a handled HWS into a deadly medium reach optic. Prevalent light transmission and an expansive field of perspective help this magnifier put the opposition to disgrace. This rough, streamlined optic offers part second transitioning from CQB to medium reach focusing on.

Adaptability and the usability

Those of you who are included in extreme strategic circumstances all the time will admire the adaptability and the usability that the G33 STS magnifier offers. The STS highlight of this gadget empowers you to keep it safely off the beaten path along the edge of your rifle if you have to discharge at close quarter hitter (CQB) circumstance.

EOTech G33 Magnifier

3rd Generation of L3 EOTech magnifiers

This offers more eye help with windage and rise alterations that can be controlled by hand, with no apparatuses. The movable diopter of this gadget permits you to accomplish more exact concentrating on your objective. Apparatus less azimuth change grants you to rapidly roll out any required improvements without the weakness of dropped or lost instruments. This gadget is completely good with all other EOTech holographic sights and incorporates a 7mm riser for raised sights. The QD STS mount will fit one-inch Weaver rails or 1913 Picatinny rails. Rough, streamlined and strong, this magnifier will empower you to accomplish the ideal point, assuredly.


  •         Shift to Side (STS) base takes into consideration quick move from 3X to 1X
  •         Adjustable diopter offers exact center and exactness
  •         Locking, flexible snappy withdraw mount fits both 1″ Weaver or 1913 rails
  •         User keeps up 1MOA pointing speck with this 3X magnifier
  •         Includes 7mm riser that flawlessly adjusts to both EOTech sight statures
  •         Tool-less azimuth alterations for focusing

EOTech G33 Magnifier EOTech Optics Eotech Red Dot Sight EOTech Sight

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