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Elcan’s Dual And Tri-FOV Optical Gunsights

ELCAN Optical Technologies is a leading manufacturer of various military optics. Located in Canada, the company is actually owned by Raytheon, an American corporation specializing in manufacturing various weapons and military accessories.

Elcan Specterdr

Elcan scopes are a popular choice among hunters, particularly the Elcan Specter DR line of scopes featuring different models all within a similar price range. This type of Elcan scope boasts a dual FOV sight, allowing the user to engage in both precise long-ranged fire and close quarter shooting without the need to change sights. A lever mechanism on the side allows for quick transition between the 1x/1,5x FOV, a close quarters sight ideal for combat in places such as buildings, and the 4x/6x FOV, which offers the option of long-range precision fire. Both fields of view, with their wide viewing angles, perform very well in low light. The close quarters option utilizes the usual red dot sight whereas a ranging reticle is in place for the long-range mode.

There are several models of these multi-FOV sights, with most being somewhat similar in price. For a standard use 5.56mm or 7.62mm rifle, the 1-4x sights are a popular choice and are, due to their reliability and notable brightness of the optics, used in many SpecOps missions. The price of a new model is usually around $2200. For those looking for a scope with more magnification, the 1.5-6x might be more ideal. This type of sight can also be placed on 5.56mm and 7.62mm rifles as well as .50Cal ones, and night vision compatible reticles can be added to it. Because of its increased magnification capabilities, this Elcan SpecterDR model is priced a bit higher than the 1-4x version, coming in a bit above $2800.

Elcan 1-3-9x Tri-FOV

Elcan also manufactures a versatile, 1-3-9x Tri-FOV sight called the SpecterDR, which is the world’s first sight offering three different fields of view. Like the SpecterDR, this sight is also available for both 5.56mm and 7.62 rifles, and offers close, mid and long range options. The 1x field of view for relatively close quarters has a wide 16 viewing angle and a red dot enabling very fast target acquisition. The 3x mid-range FOV has a much smaller viewing angle of 6 and utilizes a range compensating reticle instead of a red dot sight. The last mode is the long-range 9x FOV with a 2 angle. Besides its great clarity, the manufacturer also promises exceptional detection and identification, as well as engagement capability of long-range targets. Just as with the dual FOV sight, a side lever enables quick transitioning between the three modes. Longer and heavier than the dual FOV sights, it is also the most expensive, being priced at $3100. All of the Elcon sights use superb German glass and sport a hard-anodized aluminium finish.

While the original purpose of sights offering quick switching between two or even three fields of view was to reduce military personnel’s vulnerability while switching sights, they have quickly become a favorite choice for hunting as well. The locking lever mechanism is a fast and efficient way of switching to the desired field of view, as opposed to manually handling several different sights, a process that can give your prey enough time to get away.

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