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Elcan SpecterDR 1-4x Stands Out With Its Versatility

Optical sights are used as they are useful, rugged, offer the desired magnification for shooting close-in and red dot sights offer a single focal plane. These optics can be fixed and rugged or refined and variable so that there is an enhanced target identification and clear picture is viewed along with a narrow field of view. The magnified optics are durable as well. But what if you get all these features packed into a single optic? Sounds impossible, eh! Actually, it’s not. The Elcan SpecterDR 1-4x is an exclusive sight that allows the users to opt for either 1X or 4X magnification. In addition, they can also choose for the ballistic reticle, illuminated reticle and 1.5 or 6 MOA red dot. All these features are packed and designed for field use.



Here’s a list of features that Elcan SpecterDR 1-4x is packed with –

  •         Magnification – 1x unity 4x telescope
  •         Length – 153mm (6″)
  •         Width – 76mm (3″)
  •         Height – 76mm (3″)
  •         Weight – 640g (1.41lbs)
  •         Illumination Source Battery ­powered LED (650nm)
  •         Illumination Settings – 5 intensity levels
  •         Reticle – 5.56, 7.62 STD
  •         Eye Relief – 70 mm (2 ¾ “)
  •         Field of View – 24° 6
  •         Movement per Click –  ½ MOA
  •         Operating Temp –  ­40 to +65°C (­40 to 140°F)
  •         Waterproof
  •         Shockproof
  •         Battery / Life DL 1/3 N / Min 300 hrs @ max brightness

While it has become a norm for tactical gear reviews to point out the main functions, let’s take a detour with this one. Definitely, Elcan SpecterDR stands out from its competitors with an impressive range of magnification. However, it might seem on the heavier side. But owing to its benefits, the weight will seem a small issue for shooters. Magnification, illumination and eye relief are not the only strengths of this scope. Let’s discuss the other advantages in details.


Generous Field of View

It is needless to say that the magnification is impeccable and so are the optics. What stands out in these sights is the flat as well as a generous field of view. There are no issues with eye synchronization even when you are looking with one eye through the scope. The Elcan SpecterDR scopes are known for their speed. A vital factor for speed is to have an aim point that lies in the centre of the field of view. While most of the scopes achieve this end by including this function in their optical system, Elcan has devised another strategy. What these scopes offer is an off centre aim that will gradually point to the target. While it is being done differently, the effect is the same.


Easy Power Change

For most users this is one reason to buy Elcan SpecterDR. The throw lever is one of the quickest power changing mechanisms that you will come across. But besides the power change facility, it impresses big time with its large objective lens, shirt length and of course, the brightest illumination.

Finally when you compare the advantages with its price, it only seems fair.

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