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DP-12 Bullpup Gun Review

Standard Manufacturing’s pump-action DP-12 bullpup offers a quick one-two punch!

Nestled in the tree-covered town of New Britain, Connecticut, the Standard Manufacturing Company diligently hums along. Its 100,000-plus-square-foot facility is planted in the middle of the Connecticut Valley, which has been the heart of American gun building for decades. One of the products to come out of the doors of this company is the unique and innovative DP-12 shotgun.

DP-12 Bullpup

This 12-gauge shotgun merges the best of two worlds: pump action and double-barrel shotguns. One stroke of the pump action loads both chambers, which can be fired in successive trigger pulls; the right barrel first, then the left. The DP-12 utilizes a double-barrel shotgun configuration with the inline feeding of a pump gun. While it is much more complicated than it sounds, the DP-12 is like two pump shotguns merged into one.


Each barrel begins as a proprietary solid bar of steel. Through meticulous milling and work, the barrels are deep bored and fitted to exacting standards. This quality is the byproduct of the unique cooperation between Standard Manufacturing and the well-known Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company (CSMC). Renowned for its high-end shotguns, CSMC offers gun-building insights and support to the DP-12 builders. This relationship is one of the driving factors behind the quality of the gun. Using modern manufacturing techniques combined with old-fashioned craftsmanship, the DP-12 is the benefactor of a powerful relationship.

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