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A Defensive Carry Kimber Or Colt

Kimber pistols have appealed generations for their accuracy and reliability. Beginning from the 1970s Kimber has built up for itself an unfailing reputation of having evolved an unique set of 1911 pistols that has caught the imagination of a wide range of shooters from several professions, including participants in the Olympics and the Los Angles Police Department, SWAT operations. Even the US Marines prefer to opt for Kimber during special operations. Kimber 45 has evolved as the mark of perfection and precision. Being designed to suit customized needs within traditional parameters, Kimber 45 is largely preferred owing to its accuracy, dependability, concealed carry and matched grade, chamber and trigger features. Colt pistols trace back 150 years and have represented the gold standard in magazine-fed semi-automatic pistols.

Kimber 45

While Kimber was founded in Oregon in the 1970s, the Colt M1911 had been the predecessor of all semi-automatic pistols. Beginning with World War I, Colt pistols were largely preferred by all servicemen in World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War. Nurturing these models till date, Colt still produces replicas of the models used during these wars with much care for customers who would like to treasure them for their historical value. With a legacy of prioritizing customers expectations while designing its models being common to both brands, a debate on Kimber vs Colt always seem to confuse the buyer. It is difficult to pass a judgement on such matters as this is something that largely depends on individual prejudices, preferences and comfort. A few features may be outlined in this context though these are based on individual observations and need to be treated out of the box.

Kimber Pistols

Kimber pistols have well-rounded and blended edges which ensure a firm hold on to the pistol, facilitating thereby more accuracy. Colt pistols at times are a bit edgy. Though Kimber 45 has a wide range of features, Colt pays a more detailed attention on the small parts. Reviewers claim that Colt provides a lifetime warranty for its models, while Kimber offers only a limited period warranty. There are certain Kimber 45 models that have been especially designed for law enforcers and boasts of features that are meant to withstand unusually harsh conditions. Kimber 45, as some users feel, has taken the world by storm by bringing out exciting and stylish models. The Kimber 45 Pistols are available in various configurations which appeal to many shooters. Kimber has really made an effort to evolve new styles to catch up with the fancy of new shooters. Colt has started making more trendy alternatives too.

Though there is no yardstick prevalent in the Kimber vs Colt debate, it may not be wrong to state that these products like cosmetics need to be tried out to understand which model suits one the best. As far as accuracy goes, both do not fail the customers. This also holds true for the reliability factor. It is good for the customers to see both brands growing and generating more interesting alternatives in the market.

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