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Comparison Between Schmidt Bender Short Dot vs Elcan SpecterDR

Mounting a short focal length scope like the Schmidt & Bender Zenith 1.1-4×24 is ideal. Schmidt Bender scope has a wide field of view which allows you to pick out your target quickly and shoot with both eyes open on low magnification.

For outstanding shooting, consider the Schmidt Bender Zenith 1.5-6×42. Elcan’s reputation is nowhere near that of Schmidt & Bender Short Dot, it’s so cool! The price is a bit high. Schmidt & Bender simply has no alternative. Its accuracy is superb. Glass used is Zeiss. It’s always better to stay safe with S&B Short Dot;its worth its price tag. Depends on what worthy mean to you and are capable of.

Schmidt & Bender Short Dot

Schmidt & Bender Short Dot is much faster than Elcan or RDS. It could be used with steel IPSC from 200 to 900.Even if you fall from a height it won’t break. Schmidt & Bender Short Dot could be used at night with PVS 14 at its back. It’s the only variable scope with the parallax coming free. S & B Short Dot is a bit heavy which actually helps, but it’s quite reliable and simply awesome.

The world’s first truly dual field of view optical sight, the Elcan SpecterDR switches instantly from a 4x magnified sight to a 1x CQB sight with the throw of a lever. Unlike zoom sights, the Elcan Specter DR offers an optimized optical path and identical eye relief in both 4x and 1x modes. Depending upon the situation, the user may adjust the sight to illuminate the entire crosshair or just a brilliant red dot in the center.

Elcan SpecterDR

In 4x mode the SpecterDR offers a generous field of view, long eye relief, and Elcan’s legendary crystal clear image. In CQB mode, the SpecterDR has by far the largest field of view in the industry. The 4x and CQB Reticles are plainly visible even in the case of loss of electrical power due to battery failure or EMP.

The SpecterDR offers the best single solution for Long Range and CQB engagements and is designed to withstand the rigors of modern professional use. The sight is covered with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Schmidt & Bender Reticles offer highly precise reticles to suit eyesight, preference and shooting style. Its superb optics lets you see the target in the early hours and towards evening.

There are Illuminated Reticles(Ret-1) with which brightness can be adjusted. Schmidt & Bender illuminated reticles provide 11 fully adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to adjust the reticle precisely to the ambient light. The power supply is switched off between the 11 click stops on the adjustment turret, allowing you to accurately present the appropriate brightness, then turn it off with a slight turn of the dial. Not only does this conserve your battery, but it allows you to instantly restore your chosen setting while avoiding the risk of glare that can occur when brightness is turned up from the zero position. When a shot presents itself, the slightest turn from this standby position to the next click immediately illuminates the reticle to the appropriate intensity. There are also Flashdot Reticles with luminous red dot aim at game; Bryant Reticle, Mil Dot Reticle Mil Dot Illuminated Reticle and CQB Reticle.

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