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Comparison Between Nightforce ATACR Vs Nightforce BEAST

Nightforce has made numerous quality Riflescopes through the years. Yet two most paramount lines of gadgets between them are Nightforce ATACR Scopes and BEAST. Two gimmicks that both these gadgets brag of being great and accurate. While BEAST is known as a powerhouse entertainer, Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 is a progressed strategic gadget. Both have a 34mm extension tube, however diverse measurement. Let us now look at some of the aspects of Nightforce ATACR vs Beast.

Nightforce ATACR

Nightforce ATACR

The primary thing you will like most about this Riflescope is the ED Glass that gives prevalent nature of perceivability and clarity. Least amplification power accessible to clients for getting, 18 ft FOV at 100 yards is 5 xs. Seekers and also military riflemen think that it is helpful. A portion of the peculiarities that need uncommon notice are 5-25x amplification, second central plane, 56mm target breadth, 2.28mm to 10.52mm Exit Pupil Diameter, 1.5 m to 5.47m Field Of View @ 100 Yards/ 100 Meters, 90mm or 3.54 inch eye help, .250 moa .1mil-Rad Click Value, 1.34 inch or 34mm Tube Diameter, 44mm Ocular Diameter, 6.13 inch Mounting Length, and standard light. One of the best perspectives here is doubtlessly the vicinity of Zerostop, which is for the most part not accessible for non military personnel purposes in numerous top of the line scopes. This amazing gimmick helps your scope’s settings to come back to zero after every shot. Nightforce ATACR is 363mm or 14.3 inches long and measures 38oz. The inner conformity determinations accessible here are 17.45mil wind modification, 120moa height, 60moa wind, and 34.9mil rise alteration. Two sorts of reticle are good with Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 furthermore; they are MIL-R and MOAR.

Nightforce Beast Scope

Nightforce BEAST

The full form of the BEAST is the Best Example of Advanced Scope Technology. In the advancements, they view it as ‘Unleash the BEAST’. Actually, you will likewise feel the distinction when you check this degree direct. Much the same as ATACR this Nightforce Beast Scope additionally accompanies 34mm tube. Numerous imagine that the name implies improved weight, appearance, and size of the degree. Be that as it may, truly it has nothing to do with them. This gadget was made for conquering some essential issues. Speed modification is greatly quick and the shooters can precisely and rapidly adjusts this gadget in the field.


A percentage of the peculiarities of Nightforce Beast Scope are 5-25x amplification, first central plane, 56mm target width, 2.3mm to 8.3mm Exit Pupil Diameter, 1.45m to 5.7m Field of View @ 100 Yards/ 100 Meters, 85 to 90mm Eye Relief, .25 and .50moa Click Value, 34mm Tube Diameter, 5.92 inch mounting lengths, 46mm Ocular Diameter, and Digillum Illumination. Zerostop is displayed in this gadget as well.



Brightening and reticle in Nightforce ATACR and Nightforce BEAST are altogether different. Notwithstanding, both can be utilized by seekers and marksmen effortlessly. In spite of the fact that correlations of Nightforce ATACR vs Beast are drawn between the two, inclination of gadget depends totally on the user.


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