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Compare Nightforce ATACR vs Vortex Razor

Nightforce corner emphasized very much a couple of new rifle scopes. The Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 where ATACR stands for ‘Advanced Tactical Rifle Scope’ is truly noteworthy. Nightforce has stuffed the extension with ED Glass for super perceivability and clarity, and the less force of 5X is going to provide for you about an 18 ft FOV at 100 yards, importance this degree is as near to universally handy as it gets. You’ll have the capacity to utilize this degree at the reach, out varmint chasing, big game – essentially any place you need to be. It retails around $2000-$2500.

The new leaders in the race for a definitive exactness, long-run optics, the Gen II Razors, outlined and designed for dialing exactness long-run shots in amazing situations, have genuine accuracy shooters saying “at last”. The Gen II Razors offers a 6x zoom run, a 34 mm single-piece flying machine grade aluminum tube and our complex L-Tec turret framework in addition to an assembly of extra superior peculiarities for condition of-the-craftsmanship optics with deadly precision.

Before you buy any scope you need to read a comparison of Nightforce ATACR vs Vortex Razor.

Nightforce ATACR


The Nightforce ATACR Reticle is the most brilliant Mil-Radian reticle available and it is uncommonly quick and instinctive with special altered “T” Mil-Radian going scale. It gives much more exactness at amazing extents for shooters utilizing the Nightforce ATACR Riflescope. At the point when Nightforce clients requested a better form of the MOAR Nightforce ATACR Reticle for significantly more accuracy at amazingly long ranges, the MOAR-T was produced. The MOAR-T emphasizes .0625 MOA lines, with 1 MOA rise and windage markings. It additionally permits precise extent discovering and extra estimation at the long separations with focus enlightenment just.


The Vortex Razor HD 5–20×50 Riflescope is furnished with the Vortex EBR-2b MRAD reticle. Intended to augment long separation shooting and going capacities, the EBR-2b mrad reticle can be utilized to adequately focus ranges, remainders, and windage and moving lead rectifications. Ultra exactness laser carving on the glass reticle guarantees that MRAD details can be kept to the tightest resistances conceivable. The fine fixates crosshair subtension on the EBR-2b MRAD reticle was deliberately decided to give the ideal harmony between exactness pointing and low light perceivability.



The protected Nightforce Zerostop is standard, and this extension is offered with two of our most modern reticles, leaving nothing to risk. The Nightforce ATACR 5-25x 56 Rifle Scope, rethinks, the “long” in long range for genuine shooters and seekers, pushing the envelope of exactness and plausibility.

Vortex’s patent-pending RZR (Rapid Zero Return) Zero Stop component keeps the turret from dialing underneath sight-in extent for a quick, exact come back to zero after the brief height remedy. When set amid sight-in, the turret can be rapidly spun and halted at the zero setting without checking click.

When you read a lot of Nightforce ATACR vs Vortex Razor comparison then you will by yourself understand which is the best? At the same time picking a product depends to a large extent on the use it will be put in.

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