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Compare Your Gear – Nightforce SHV vs Vortex PST

In this blog we will make a comparison between Nightforce SHV vs Vortex PST

Vortex Optics is a company founded in America but with various manufacturing facilities around the globe. They are widely known as manufacturers of outstanding rifle scopes with low price points. Their rifle scopes, while affordable. are made using the latest technologies and premium workmanship with features high end rifle scopes normally have.

Vortex Viper HS 1-4x24 belyst TMCQ_2

The Viper PST by Vortex (Precision Shooting Tactical) is a range of rifle scopes engineered and designed to withstand the most demanding uses while keeping the price economical and affordable. They possess extraordinary attention to detail, modern design and superb features just like high end rifle scopes do, but with one distinctive difference. Their retail price is less than $1000, keeping them more available to the ordinary people. Just like the PST name indicates, The Viper PST is aimed at users who prefer the tactical nature of shooting, hunters, military and people working in law enforcement.

The features found in Viper PST are Optical Indexed Lenses, Special Lens Coatings and XD Lens Elements among others. CRS Zero Stop is a Vortex’s own idea, an ability to recover to zero after making the proper temporary elevation correction. Optically Indexed Lenses ensure images are perfect and sharp with sufficient brightness, while the coatings aid in adequate light transmission.

Nightforce SHV 4-14x56 rifle scope

Nightforce is a brand known by it’s tradition of making high quality, high priced rifle scopes. Until 2014, Nightforce name is deeply associated with riflescopes which are superb quality but not so affordable to ordinary public. Their NXS range, while of extraordinary quality and precision, was not available to the ordinary, working shooters. They decided to change that and offer us a more affordable rifle scope with the same quality. They offered us a Nightforce SHV 4-14×56 rifle scope, a rifle scope that has amazing quality expected from such a deluxe brand, while being affordable and more available to the ordinary shooting community.

Their SHV range features simple IHR or a more advanced MOAR reticle, an aircraft grade aluminum body tubes,100 overall elevation rate and 70 MOA windage, 30 mm tube diameter, the all metal dials found under weatherproof caps and a 4-14 magnification range which is perfect for hunters, varminters and shooters. How did Nightforce made such a high quality rifle scope but with lower price? They made it not by reducing the quality of components, but by limiting overbuilding and using smarter manufacturing process.

The big dilemma is present and the question is often asked: “Which rifle scope is better?”. When it comes to Nightforce SHV vs Vortex PST, comparing these two is like comparing apples to oranges. Every scope has it’s uses. The Vortex PST rifle scope is more affordable, but Nightforce SHV 4-14×56 is of a more popular name and Nightforce’s tradition of making excellent rifle scopes guarantees amazing quality. If you have intentions of hunting at dusk or dawn times, then the SHV range is a superior choice. SHV range also uses better glass (the same glass found in the NXS range) and has MOAR reticle. On the other hand, The PST range is cheaper, but some users find the the wide choice of reticles and FPP of Vortex scopes more appealing. It is all down to the user’s preferences. Even though Nightforce is more expensive, the quality and features of their rifle scopes are outstanding.

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