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Review Of EOTech Mini Red Dot Sight

EOTech Mini Red Dot Sight

Eotech makes some stone strong optics. The EOTech Mini Red Dot Sight (MRDS) is the ideal sample of their inventiveness and craftsmanship. It is a perfect essential sight for reduced applications, similar to handguns or shotguns. Also, the flexible configuration permits it to be mounted on numerous different sorts of ...

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What Is Special About Lightweight Rifles?

Lightweight Rifles

The major rifle manufacturers are exploring the avenues never explored before. Ruger, Sako, Kimber, Remington, Browning, and Weatherby are some of the makers that offer lightweight rifles with thin barrels and synthetic stocks. Besides being well know, all these brands manufacture lightweight and long range hunting rifles. In fact, Kimber ...

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Gear For Bear Hunting


Recently news came that Bear Hunting Season Begins in Florida which is available for resident and non resident hunters. Folks must be very delighted to here this but before you head out, make sure you have everything in order. Today I am going to show you some random but essential ...

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DP-12 Bullpup Gun Review

Standard Manufacturing’s pump-action DP-12 bullpup offers a quick one-two punch! Nestled in the tree-covered town of New Britain, Connecticut, the Standard Manufacturing Company diligently hums along. Its 100,000-plus-square-foot facility is planted in the middle of the Connecticut Valley, which has been the heart of American gun building for decades. One ...

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How To Load And Empty The Benelli M4 Tactical Gun?

Benelli M4 12 gauge

There are two ways of chambering a round with the Benelli M4 12 gauge. Though this might sound routine stuff, but what makes the difference is that for both of these ways, the gun needs to be cocked. The bolt of the gun is racked to the rear part where ...

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Top 5 Kimber Mountain Ascent Rifles – Infograph


Kimber America have always made lightweight rifles for hunters. The Mountain Ascent unit is quite lighter as it have less material on both the bolt body. I have tested myself kimber mountain ascent .280 Ackley which is an 84L model with the long action. This year I am planning to ...

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A Review Of Benelli Pump & Tactical Shotguns

The operation of Benelli tactical shotguns revolves around the bolt of the gun. After the trigger of the gun is pulled, the hammer falls back from the firing pin and the gun fires. At this point the magazine stop is released by the hammer and the cartridge is released backward ...

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