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Can You Compare Schmidt Bender Short Dot And Elcan Specterdr?

I have come across various forums where people argue over these two rifle scopes: Elcan Specterdr and Schmidt Bender Short Dot. Whilst some think that S&B has no competition, others are of the opinion that Elcan delivers perfectly. The Schmidt Bender Short Dot vs Elcan Specterdr argument seems never ending. As far as I am concerned a comparison between Schmidt Bender Short Dot and Elcan Specterdr scopes are not feasible. Whether it is the Schmidt Bender reticles or their glasses, these rifle scopes display better quality and higher prices than Elcan scopes. In fact, the S&B scopes are one of the most expensive devices available today.

Instead of comparing these devices, let’s have a look at them separately and the users can decide for themselves:

Schmidt Bender PM II 1.5-8x26 ShortDot CQB CCW Pantone

Schmidt Bender short dot scopes

Users looking for exceptional clarity will find the short dot scopes quite useful. As far as the brand is concerned, there are a number of products that it has introduced over a period of time to cater to the hunters and shooters. Inspite of producing a limited number of rifle scopes each year, Schmidt and Bender displays an envious sales figure. The short dot scopes are offered in multiple ranges for the hunters. For spotting and shooting targets these scopes are just perfect. Various MTC turrets, rotating turrets, reticle configurations and click-shift adjustments are available for these devices. They are considered the best rifle scopes packed with imported glasses and large objective lenses. These are especially favored by the long range hunters as they provide better clarity to the images while viewing through the lenses. All you got to do is have a look at the features, ensure that the product is genuine and place your orders.


Elcan SpecterDR

The next is the Elcan SpecterDR series. Raytheon’s ELCAN Optical Technolgies is an Ontario based company that is known to produce quality rifle scopes. the brand is probably most famous for its 3.4×28 magnification C79 Optical Sight and the M145 variant which is used by the Allied force around the world on the M16A4 rifle and M4A1 carbine as well as the M249 / M240B series of machine guns. The DR series are holographic weapon sights that are in demand from various circles due to their revolutionary engineering.


Elcan SpecterDR Scope 7.62 NATO DFOV156-C2These devices are wonderful combinations of close combat and precision fire ranging features. These devices are also packed with single, low profile dual-field-of view (DFOV). This feature offers an impressive 1.5x view of the battlefield for target acquisition and provides instant switching to 6x for that perfect long range firing and suppression. Since these are built for battlefields, they are perfect to be used in low light conditions.

Whilst the S&B are useful for both professional and civilian use, the Elcan DR has been built specifically for the battlefield. It depends primarily upon the users to decide which device they want to use.

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