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How To Buy The Right Riflescope?

Begin with a clean sheet! Yes that’s first thing that you need to do while buying a riflescope. Well that does not sound difficult at all. Easy beginning, right? Let’s take a step further. What kind of rifle or firearm do you use? This is the most important part that you should consider. Your choice of a riflescope will depend on the firearm you are using. Simply because your friend uses a Schmidt and Bender scope does not mean you buy one too. It has to suit your firearm. But brands do matter and so does the cost. Nightforce, Schmidt and Bender, Nikon, Bushnell, etc are some of the brands to reckon with. A model like Nightforce F1 scope can be used to take on the target from various distances. Thus, you have to decide on what kind of scope you want.

Let’s begin with the price. Buy the best scope that you can afford. You will never overcome the disappointment when your rifle fails you on a crucial hunting expedition. Unless you are a professional you might not notice the difference of quality in the optics. For such users any good scope will be suitable. But it should be remembered that the main feature of a riflescope is not its price but how reliable it is and whether you can retain the zero on the scope perfectly.
Secondly, do not opt for old technology. This is a serious no-no for shooters and hunters. Why on earth will you go for an old technology? Do not buy a riflescope just because your father or uncle owned one. Often such pieces have poor light transmission and horrible lens coating. Go for the devices that are packed with the latest technology and not the cheaper ones.

Nightforce F1 Riflescope
Yes, yes I know they do not make like the older models anymore! But modern manufacturing technologies have made the riflescopes more reliable, durable and affordable. The new scopes are available with better light transmission and lens coatings.

When it comes to riflescopes there are endless possibilities. The point is, that you need to match the scope to the type of shooting you will most often be doing, and the rifle it is to go on. For long range shooting you need separate kinds of scopes than the short range shooting. Similarly, for deer, goat and pig hunting rifles, the scopes will be around 3-9×40 types. The small front lens diameter is not a disadvantage as its field of view and light gathering capability are both greater at lower magnification anyway. You can either choose a Nightforce F1 scope or a Leupoid scope depending on the target you need to focus.

Nightforce F1 Reticles
Then there are scopes for varmint rifles. For these, avoid powerful fixed power scopes, as they won’t let you take a 25m shot. There are Nightforce SHV scopes which you can opt for varmint rifles.

The points mentioned above are just some of the things that you need to remember while buying a riflescope. So do your own research based on these points and get a perfect riflescope for yourself!

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