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Why Buy Aimpoint CompM3 Red Dot Sight?

The Aimpoint CompM3 Red Dot Sight is the top choice of US Federal agencies and law enforcement. Why? Premium performance features such as five years of constant-on power from a single battery, night vision compatibility, and legendary Aimpoint ruggedness. Add all this to the flexibility of being able to utilize any standard 30mm ring mount and you can see why the choice is obvious.

When police and armed forces personnel are on duty, they need their equipment to handle just about any situation, anytime, anywhere. That’s why Aimpoint Compm3 red dot scopes were created, a revolutionary sight that offers the highest standard available for sight systems technology. You can get Aimpoint Compm3 4 moa or opt for the 2 moa.


Incorporating over 30 years of Aimpoint’s internationally recognized design innovations; the CompM3 features our latest technology and is even more rugged than Aimpoint’s other sights. Featuring our revolutionary Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology (ACET) that gives the sight unparalleled battery life and ease of use, the CompM3 works with any generation of night vision device (NVD). Built primarily for armed forces and police use to hold up under the roughest physical handling and most severe weather conditions, the CompM3 is also ideal for hunters and sport shooters.


The CompM3 comes with a replaceable, outer black rubber cover, which protects it from scratching and adds an additional stealth factor. The outer cover is also available in Dark Earth Brown – perfect camouflage for use in the desert and in the jungle.

Aimpoint is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and each Aimpoint product is manufactured in a controlled process and environment. Every sight is hand-built, assigned an identification number, and undergoes rigorous testing and various quality control protocols during the entire manufacturing process. Whether it is a sight for rifles, shotguns or pistols, each Aimpoint product is designed for real world use and to handle even the toughest environments and treatment.

All Aimpoint products use non-magnifying optical collimators with battery powered (up to 50,000+ hours) LED lights to produce a red aiming point. Many sites employ a double-mirror system that forces the sight’s dot to maintain position with changes in eye position.

The Aimpoint CompM3 is a fantastic sight and a true upgrade from the original M68 CCO. We have seen these sights take a beating during training or when they fall off a table. It is available in two dot sizes (2MOA and 4MOA), yet able to reach out to longer distances without obscuring the target. The CompM3 is a great value.

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