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Best Tactical Shotguns In 2015 That Have Fire In Them

The gun buying spree over the past few years has indeed been seen some major changes in the trends. Manufacturers these days are focusing more on the nitty-gritties to come up with the best tactical shotgun, rather than simply fulfilling the market demand. Going by the trends of the recent past, this blog presents the list of best tactical shotguns in 2015 that will rule the roost.

The Benelli 828U

Styled to perfection as many reviewers say, the Benelli 828U is a great addition to the over/under category. The light weight of the gun is one of its USP. The alloy receiver and absence of side ribs makes the gun weigh much less than 7 pounds. The gun is power packed with smart features that contributes not just to its awesome design but also to the impressive functionality. It has a soft recoil pad that absorbs a chunk of the recoil and makes it easy for the shooter. This Benelli tactical shotgun comes with completely interchangeable barrels.

Benelli 828U

The Benelli Montefeltro

This machine from Benelli is another one to look out for in 2015. It comes with a 28in barrel chamber with 3in magnum cartridges. The ventilated top which measures 8 mm has a red foresight finish and matted lines which helps in reducing light reflection. This gun has an impressive design and a light weight. The manufacturers have made the action frame out of alloy which attributes to the light weight.  The gun’s stock has 3 drop positions which can be done with the change of shims (supplied with the gun). This gun certainly is one of the best Benelli tactical shotgun.

Benelli Montefeltro

The Beretta 690 Filed III

The Beretta 690 Filed III which has a similarity to the Beretta 692. It has rebounding coil hammer springs. It has the sears, which are set behind and when the trigger and is pulled down on the triggers being pulled. The 69 Filed III’s barrel shot has been set up by inertia. The shotgun’s ejector trip which helps in cocking the gun on being opened. The gun works on similar principles as that of the 680, however the design varies to an extent.

Beretta 690 Filed III

The Winchester SXP

The Winchester SXP is one of the best semi auto tactical shotgun. It as a typical 18 inch barrel with a 18 inch design and a robust lug which attaches the barrel with the magazine tube. The gun is capable of holding 6 2.75-inch shells or 5 3-inch shells. The gate works like most other shotguns which make it easy to load the gun. The receiver of the gun is made of alloy and the bolt of the gun has four locks which adds to the safety quotient. The shooter doesn’t need to push the pump back towards the muzzle which helps in getting easier repeat shots.

Winchester SXP

These are some of the best semi auto tactical shotgun that will be a rage in 2015. The best part about these guns is that they come with a modest price tag which makes them a great buy.

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