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Best Long Range Shooting Scopes From Leupold That Reach 1000 Yards Easily

I have been around with lots of guys during my camps and seen people dealing with lots of gear. Often they come to me discuss about their willingness to go for long range shoot. Its surely little different than what you have been practicing on training school. The most important thing you need is a good long range shooting scopes if you want to kill more than 300 yards and there are plenty of choice in the market from different brands. Well I have been also shooting in range and found Leupold long range scope impressive enough to pick.

Hunters often look cheap scopes for long range shots but most of the time they end up with poor selection and uses forums to sell. My personal experience with Leupold is quite good for both short and long range. I have tested and picked up top 4 Leupold long range scope for you and going to discuss here in this blog.

Leupold VX-6 7-42X56mm TMOA Plus 118504


Leupold VX-6 7-42X56mm TMOA Plus 118504

Leupold 7-42x56mm VX-6 is another from Leupold perfect for long range shooting. I have personal experience with this scope on shooting range. It has really wide range of magnification range 7x to 42x. I set this up on Leupold Mark 4 Rem 700 SA Base and was able to hit at 1350 yard target with my .300 Win Mag Hunting Rifles. It is durable and rugged scope. Absolutely stunning optical quality delivering crystal-clear images from edge-to-edge throughout the entire magnification range. It has got xtended twilight lens system. The scope tube size is 34mm objective diameter is 56mm. Scope finish is black and its Argon/Krypton second generation waterproofing resists the effects of thermal shock much more efficiently than standard nitrogen. I have experienced it’s fast-focus eyepiece which ensures a generous eyebox and great field of view. The scope is quite heavy about 26.3oz but you don’t have to compromise while shooting.  


Features Of Leupold 7-42x56mm VX-6

  • Quantum Optical System
  • Xtended Twilight Lens System
  • DiamondCoat 2
  • 2nd Generation Argon/Krypton Waterproofing
  • Lead Free
  • 6:1 Zoom Ratio
  • Generous Eyebox
  • Pop-Up Rezero Adjustments
  • Blackened Lens Edges
  • Twin Bias Spring Erector System
  • Extreme Fast-Focus Eyepiece
  • CDS (Custom Dial System)
  • MST (Motion Sensor Technology)

This scope is quite expensive, cost you around $2100 from online purchase but It can surely give competition to other brand’s scope. I personally recommend this one if you really wanna go beyond 1000 yards.


Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 6.5-20×50 TMR Riflescope


Leupold Mark 4 ER-T 6.5-20×50 TMR Riflescope

No comparison with other high end long range shooting scopes like Nightforce or Schmidt and Bender but Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 6.5-20×50 TMR Riflescope is amazingly impressive if you are shooting something close to 1000 yards. It has got really braod spectrum of magnification range from 6.5x to 20x which is extremely good. Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 6.5-20×50 is built with the serious rifleman in mind. It has excellent piece of glass for long-range shooting. As the tube size is 30mm, it gives you greater range of adjustment. Very healthy Scope Objective Diameter which is 50mm and Lenses are all multi coated for superior light transmission and a sharp image. Turret adjustment are in 1/4 MOA clicks with a total of 72 MOA available. Windage and elevation adjustment are simple and everything marked clearly for easy reading. Turrets comes with removable caps which assure your scope protection in case you bumped up which i really liked.

Even U.S. Army and Marine have chosen Leupold scopes for sniper rifles, Marksman Rifle and Police Tactical rifles because of it’s quality. This isn’t cheap scope and cost you but truly excellent for target shooter, varmint hunter, or police marksman. This scope is huge value for money for sure.

Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 6.5-20X50mm TS-29X1 MOA 120626


Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 6.5-20X50mm TS-29X1 MOA 120626Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 6.5-20X50mm is another impressive scope with better glass quality. This scope is not very popular so far but has clear reading and nice audible click while turret and elevation adjustment. Simple reading allows you to track the rotation easily. With a 30mm tube, 50mm objective and Scope magnification range 6.5x – 20x, it is perfectly suitable for long range and tactical shooting condition. Fixed with Mark 4 30mm Medium rifle ring, I shot closed to 1100 yards and the results were quite remarkable. Accuracy on field is nice and makes you feel worth every shot.

The best thing about the Leupold scope is xtended twilight lens system, lockable fast-focus eyepiece and M1 adjustments. It is little heavy in weight about 22Oz and 14.5″ scope length. The scope is fully waterproof and comes with flip-open lens covers for side parallax adjustment. The scope price differ on different marketplaces like $1,149.99 on Amazon but based on my personal experience I prefer from Eurooptic which offer little higher $1,199.99 but assured customer service for sure.

Leupold Mark AR 6-18x40mm Mildot


Leupold 115394 Mark AR MOD 1 RifleI have covered three high end scope for long range but the best thing about leupold is, you get few good selection if you are up for budget scope. Leupold Mark AR 6-18x40mm Mildot will cost you nearly $550 but it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise for your long range target. The magnification range is 6x to 18x, pretty ideal for mid range but on shooting range, I have seen shooter reaching close to 1000 yards and it was really surprising for me. This scope is ideal for those who hunt with AR15/M-16 style rifles. Like Leupold VX-6 7-42X56mm TMOA Plus 118504, it is also coated matte back finish and Argon/Krypton second generation waterproofing. This is pretty lightweight scope, about 15.30 oz compared to previous three scopes which makes it great for long range shooting even your head movement is not properly adjusted. The newest version of this scope features a mildot reticle with mil-based turret adjustments, which is ideal for long shot. It does feature a 1” scope tube and 40mm Scope Objective Diameter which are a little small. But the glass is good, giving you crisp and clear line of sight and the zero is fairly repeatable. Mount this scope on Leupold 110290 Mark 2 IMS 1 for better perfection.

Leupold Mark AR 6-18x40mm Mildot isn’t only made for AR rifles but works great with bolt action rifles as well. It is one of the most popular among hunters because of its quality and pricing.

Among all 4 Leupold long range scopes, I picked out Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 6.5-20X50mm TS-29X1 MOA 120626 for myself but it definitely depends on your requirement before making your selection. Need your valuable comments and feedback, please keep posted. Enjoy shooting!

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