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Benelli Tactical Shotguns – The Features That Sets It Apart

Benelli shotguns have certainly added more class and reliability in the gun for a hunter. Their range of shotguns exudes a master engineering and solid design which makes it easier to shoot with. This is why some of the Benelli tactical shotguns are also used by the defense. Let us now delve deeper into the technical nitty-gritties and find out what makes Benelli tactical shotguns effective.

Italian manufacturer Benelli is one of the most reputed in the world. What sets Benelli guns apart from those of other manufacturers is their mix of modern technology and an old world charm in the guns. All their guns come with a progressive control recoil system which makes the gun so easy to use even for an amateur. The progressive control recoil system helps in reducing the recoil after each shot considerably, thereby making it easier for a new user to manage it. The Benelli defense shotguns use plastic inserts, which in order to ‘self-adjust’ overlap each other.

Benelli shotgunsThe Benelli M4 shotgun comes with a gas-operated platform and dual self-cleaning ‘short-travel’ pistons of stainless steel. The ‘auto regulating gas operated’ helps in eliminating complex linkages and also the heavier parts which are used by other semi-auto shotguns. This further helps in creating a robust yet simple action which is able to handle stiff load for an entire day. Needless to say, this makes the gun all the more reliable.

The Benelli tactical shotguns are available in various configurations. It includes pistol-gripped stocks and skeletonized collapsible. The M4 gun comes with an alloy frame which is very vital in keeping its weight low to a total of 7.8 pounds in unloaded condition. The three desert camouflage pattern variations covers everything except the optic rail, pistolgrip, triggerguard, two inches of the black mag. tube, buttpad, sling points and the front sight. These features add a touch of class to the gun.

These are some of the reasons that make the Benelli M4 tactical a great machine to hold and needless to say that its features add reliability to it and that is why it has found its place with the defense unit as well. Here are some of the key factors about the Benelli M4 at a glance.
The gun is built solid. You literally feel it right when you hold it. Every component of the gun including the stock fitment, barrel fitment, lockup and the finish would marvel any user. The gun’s pistol grip is made of a poly blend/rubber sort of a thing which aids in gripping. The forend however is quire slippery.

Now coming to the ‘inside’, where it matters the most, this Benelli defense shotgun is a stunner. The AGO feature is quite simple.
With a good mix of strong interiors and impressive exteriors the Benelli shotguns stand for reliability, class and most importantly are very easy to use. They weigh less, which means, it can be used by an amateur as well. Considering all this aspects of the Benelli shotgun and the price at which it comes, the verdict goes in its favour. This would certainly be a win-win bet for any user.

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