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Benelli Pump Shotguns – What Makes It A Tough Man’s Gun

The Benelli Pump Shotguns are available in quite a few configurations. The Basic version of the gun is a ‘polymer-framed’ shotgun that comes with a single piece stock. There’s a black recoil pad which helps in capping the hollow stock at the rear end of the gun. There is a pistol grip which leads to the action of this Benelli Pump Shotgun with a ‘metal feed ramp’. It has got a left sided ejection port. In short, this Benelli Pump Shotgun can be said to be a smart designed, reliable and durable shotgun.


Benelli Nova

The guns forearm is yet another robust piece of polymer that mounts two guide bars. Some Benelli Nova Reviews state that the guide bars which go into the main stock are ‘aggressively ribbed’. Now, this might sometime grate the user’s hand. The bottom part of the Benelli Nova Shotgun has a smart feature. There’s a button that helps in stopping the magazine’s feed. When the forearm is pumped after the action has been released, the next round can be blocked by depressing it. This will help the user to put in other rounds through the ejection port. By using this feature time and again, users will be able to master it with ease. The forearm of the Benelli Pump Shotgun easily slides over the four-shot tube. The barrel of the gun goes over it and is firmly held by the magazine cap. This cap further acts as a tool and helps to push the pins which holds the ‘trigger group’ in a place.

The gun comes with a 28 inch long barrel, which is completely ‘vent-ribbed’ and is also threaded for ‘screw-in chokes’. The barrel of the Benelli Nova shotgun is the largest part made of steel in the gun. It has got a ‘parkerized’ finish which lends a smart and stylish look to the gun. The gun’s sighting system comprises of a silver bead which is at the middle of the ‘vent-rib’ and has a red fiber optic, located at the end. This is a wonderful addition as it helps in ensuring a flat sight plane and pops pretty well against a lot of background.

Found cool video on Benelli Nova 12 Gauge uploaded by ARMED-DEFENDER. Check it out here

Talking about the reliability quotient of the Benelli Pump Shotgun, a lot of reviews have spoken highly about it. Comparing the gun with the Mossbergs and Remington 870, this gun has been given the nod. Hence, when it comes to reliability, the Benelli Nova is a quite a bet.


Coming to the design and ergonomics aspect, the Benelli Nova has been rated high. It is quite easy and comfortable to shoot with this gun. The gun weighs 8 pounds and is a bit heavy but then again owing to that kind of weight, the gun hardly has a recoil and one can shoot comfortably without a single sore on their shoulders.
These are some of the key aspects of the Benelli Pump Shotgun and is considered to be a great gun for experienced shooters. Though, owing to the weight of the gun, beginners might have some issues but once they get going with it, this is not something they can leave easily.

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