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Basics of Long Range Shooting

Long range shooting has garnered wide popularity in the recent past. The reason behind this rising popularity is the thrill and adrenaline rush associated with this type of hunting. There is lot of fun involved in the process and it helps you to sharpen your hunting skills as well. In this regard hunting is a skill that improves with practice. The more you exercise your shooting skills, the better they develop. It also aids you to become a better marksman.

But we proceed further let’s find out what is long range. To the lever-action .30-30 hunter it is one answer, while a .300 Win. Mag. shooter will see long range as a different distance. To shoot beyond some hundred yards it takes more than just merely pulling the trigger by aligning the sights. For a long range hunter is it essential to have the skill and perfection. However, there are various things that you need in your endeavour. This article will help you to find out about such devices. When broken down, the basic fundamentals and equipment needed to successfully hit targets at long ranges are surprisingly simple.

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Rifle is the first equipment that you require. A rifle capable of MOA or sub-MOA groups is ideal. However, what may seem acceptable at 100 yards may not be at 400 yards and beyond. It is highly advantageous to have as accurate a rifle as possible. Ammunition will be your next requirement. For long range hunting it is essential to use a bullet that has a high ballistic coefficient. The ballistic coefficient is the number assigned to the bullet that signifies how efficiently it passes through the air. This will affect the bullet’s susceptibility to wind drift and overall performance. In this regard choose a bullet that is longer and heavier. A bullet’s weight has a direct effect on its velocity.

Riflescopes are your next requirement. Even if you have the costliest rifle in the world without a scope, you would not be able to shoot with accuracy. For long range shooters there are few scopes that you can check out. Nightforce, Leupold, Vortex are some of the brands which are ideal for the long range hunters. Nightforce ATACR scopes are quite popular with the long range hunters. Remember you will need a scope with high-density, extra-low-dispersion glass that is completely multi-coated so that you can derive optimum light transmission even in low light situations.

There are several hunters who prefer illuminated reticles. These things are designed in a way so that these hold onto the elevation and windage corrections. Ideally, your turret adjustments should correspond with the sub tension reference in the reticle. Some people also prefer using rangefinders. A quality rangefinder is a must for any serious distance shooter. Also check out the prices of the equipments before you buy one. for instance if you are looking for a moderately priced riflescope, you can opt for Nightforce ATACR.

Whilst these devices are important for your hunting expedition but it is your skill that saves you at the end of the day. So keep honing your skills till you have mastered it completely.

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