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Barrett Model 99A1 – A Review

Get Power, unadulterated and basic the Barrett Model 99a1 is intended for one thing just: to accomplish the occupation. With its splendidly straightforward outline, no-nonsense development and shockingly few moving parts, it offers match-winning correctness over a long period of time.

At the heart of this hearty and faultless shot activity rifle is a one-piece 7000 arrangement aluminum composite expulsion. A high temperature treated steel M1913 optics rail is appended to the highest point of the expulsion by nearly divided high-quality jolts. The match-tolerance barrel is pressed and bolted into the collector, making a rock-strong unitized structure on which to mount a Riflescope. The Model 99 barrel is made in a heavier form to guarantee repeatable precision. The chamber territory is encased by the thick-walled aluminum expulsion of the collector, bringing about unparalleled security for the shooter.


The fastener is machined from a solitary bit of stun safe instrument steel. The activity’s quality is exemplified by the 15 jolt hauls that bolt into the machined barrel augmentation. The jolt’s few moving parts, an extractor, ejector and terminating stick get together; make it solid and simple to keep up.

The Model 99 is effectively dismantled without instruments by evacuating three brisk discharge get together sticks. These pins connect the trigger lodging and jolt manual for the beneficiary get together. The match-quality trigger outline is selective to Barrett and essential support free. The Bipod can without much of a stretch be separated for seat rest shooting.

Different makers may take the most expedient route on quality and outline. Barrett does not, on account of even with a solitary shot; you get what you pay for.

What makes the Barrett 99a1 bolt action, extraordinary is its” tough aluminum amalgam collector with cantilevered barrel and multi-drag jolt plan. The inner part of the shorter 32-inch barrel is machined to the same demanding determinations of all Barrett items and examined for dimensional consistency with state-of-the-workmanship air gaging. The outer surface of the barrel is swelled to boost the unbending nature and, accordingly, the precision of the framework.


Correct degree mounting on the top is encouraged by the M1913 Picatinny (adjusted Weaver) rail that is shaped as a basic piece of the collector. This rail has turned into the new business standard and permits simple evacuation and reattachment of degrees and insignificant impact of zero. The basic, clear outline of the hotshot makes dismantling simple and upkeep a snap. Three speedy discharge pins secure the trigger and jolt manual for the recipient. Evacuate these pins and the whole rifle could be effortlessly dismantled for cleaning and grease. A fourth brisk discharge pin evacuates the movable Bipod to suit seat rest shooting.

This item is only a rifle and there is no scope of this item. Apart from this, in case you are planning to buy this rifle, then you can have a look at the Barrett 99a1 review. When you read the review you will get an idea as to how well this rifle can be used for any shots.

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