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Analyzing The DNA Of Benelli M4 Shotgun

Looking for a gun with a classic look and a rock solid finish? Well, here you are! Benelli M4 tactical shotgun exudes sheer class and a solid make which makes it so popular among those who have a thing for traditional and solid guns. The gun doesn’t cease to impress in all aspects be it the lock up, barrel fitment or simply the finish. Often called the ‘Cadillac’ of shotguns this is used as a combat shotgun by US marine cop. This gun has definitely taken the level of Benelli Shotguns up by a few notches.

In numerous Benelli M4 tactical shotgun review, the gun got high ratings and that not without any reason. Benelli has received a lot of accolades for the AGO (auto regulated gas operated) mechanism which makes it extremely easy to operate the gun. A lot of heavy parts that were usually seen in other guns in its league aren’t to be found in this. A first timer on a hunting mission too will not have trouble in handling the gun.

Benelli M4 tactical shotgun

There are a few configurations with which this Benelli M4 tactical shotgun comes. These configurations include standard and pistol grip socks and skeletonized collapsible. The weight of the gun is just 7.8 pounds and that is only because Benelli has used an alloy frame. There are three color variants to be found with the Benelli M4 tactical.

The cartridge drop lever is what creates the biggest difference. The lever sticks out on the side of the bottom of the frame. To load the gun, one should first rack the bolt to the rear part until it auto-locks. The shooter should cycle the bolt initially for the first round to be chambered and after that the tube can be loaded.

Benelli M4 shotgun

Now, once the magazine has been loaded, one must first let the magazine release the first shell. That should be done by cartridge ‘drop lever’. When the chamber is empty, the shooter can also pull the trigger. While using this gun, users can keep a note of the ‘cocked status’ in two ways. Firstly it can be done visually and the second option is to do it by sensing or feeling it. The chamber that is unfired can be removed simply by cycling the bolt back. One can exchange the factory installed choke with other Choked made by Benelli with the inclusion of the tool.


These are the key aspects of the Benelli M4 tactical shotgun which makes it such a great firearm at its price. The robust engineering both in the inside and on the outside makes this gun a prized possession for any hunter. The sheer ergonomic design of this gun makes it quite easy to hold and operate. So, besides the classic design and a rock solid finish, the Benelli shotgun M4 is a class performer. Be it for an amateur or a pro, this gun is a perfect fit for all as it is a smart blend of enviable style and a reliable performance.

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