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How Airsoft Gun Games Can Strengthen Father and Kid Relationship

The relationship between a father and his kids is a complex, beautiful journey that should benefit both parties. However, since our society is still dictating that men should be the ones bringing the money and putting food on the table, there’s little time left for bonding with the kids.

Airsoft Gun Games

Even more, if you don’t follow the same interests as your kids do (and you probably don’t), it gets harder to connect and the distance grows bigger in time. But you don’t have to learn about new technologies and modern video games to connect with your kids, it’s enough to challenge them to an activity you’ll both enjoy.

As I observed many fathers and their children interact with one another and I have my own experience with my own kids, I noticed that there’s one activity with a lot of potential when it comes to bonding. This activity is airsoft and the war game it promotes.

Why airsoft? Below I noted a few airsoft aspects that I believe are the key elements to a better father-kids relationship.

#1: Airsoft Gets Everyone Outside

When kids are inside, with access to phones and tablets, it’s easy for them to get distracted. Still, airsoft cuts the access to these gadgets and you are both outside, with an airsoft gun in your hands, trying to beat the other team.

#2: A Common Goal

If you are on the same team, your main goal is to beat the other team. If you’re on opposite teams, the goal is to get each other out of the game. In both cases, the goal is the same: beat the opposing team and win the game.

For a better relationship, I recommend working together, in the same team. Still, if you feel there’s a conflict between you and your kids, being in opposite teams may be the perfect way to solve it. Airsoft is not just about winning; it’s also a game of strategy and tactics – just like you can see on Goog Gun.

#3: Choosing the right Gun

Every airsoft team has several well-defined roles and you need the skills and the gun for the role. For instance, if you want to be in CQB scenarios, you’ll need a short barrel rifle, but if you want to be a sniper, you’ll need a long barrel rifle, powerful enough to reach long distances (learn more on Best Airsoft Sniper For Sale: 2017 Reviews).

#4: Learning About the Inner Workings

A good shooter must know his/her gun! This means that you’ll need to know how the gun works, how to adjust the Hop Up, and how to fix the magazine if something gets broken on the field. Share these moments with your kids and teach them about guns and how they work in general. The topic is fascinating and most kids love it!

#5: The Shooting Lesson

Airsoft is a fantastic war game but it does require accuracy and mindfulness – skills that can be easily taught. If you’re not a fantastic shooter yourself, I recommend learning from a specialist and teaching it to your kids.

If you are the one who teaches the kids about the correct stance, the perfect amount of force required for squeezing the trigger, or how to use a scope, they’ll remember these moments every time they play airsoft.

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