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A Review Of Benelli Pump & Tactical Shotguns

The operation of Benelli tactical shotguns revolves around the bolt of the gun. After the trigger of the gun is pulled, the hammer falls back from the firing pin and the gun fires. At this point the magazine stop is released by the hammer and the cartridge is released backward and eventually sits under the bot of the gun. When the bolt is in the front position, the charge from the exploding cartridge creates a backward thrust and this makes the bolt’s rotating head to engage break at the rear pat of the barrel. This process makes a ‘lock up’ position with the gun going backward with recoil. However, the bolt pushes forward in order to resist it. The bolt of the gun remains fixed even when the gun jerks backward resulting in a huge spring inside the bolt to store energy.

Talking about the Benelli M2, the gun is aptly designed to make the shooting process lightning fast and very effective. Moreover, the entire process is also very clean with this gun because this Benelli tactical shotgun uses inertia and not gas. Some reviews state that, the only disadvantage of this can be the fact that the gun can become ‘cartridge sensitive’ only to some extent. The Benelli M2 tactical shotgun is however found to recycle appropriately on the 23/4 loads.

Benelli Shotgun

In order to make this Benelli tactical shotgun more effective it has been fitted with forend and synthetic stock, which can be supplied with barrels ranging from 24, 26 or 28 inches with ventilated ribs which are chambered for cartridges of 3 inches. In order to kill the recoil further, users can use the Comfortech gel butt plate. There are a set of 5 multi chokes that come with the gun. This helps the user to adjust the drop of the stock accordingly.

Let us now talk about the Benelli Super Nova which is a pump action shotgun and can be aptly used to hunt waterfowls as well. The Benelli pump shotgun was launched at a time when there was a conception that Shotgun could not be improved. This gun is pretty original in its style and innovative as well. The 12 gauge Super Nova comes with a light receiver that makes it easier for users. It also makes the gun weather resistant as well. The ergonomics of this Benelli pump shotgun as well is something that got good accolades from reviewers. It is indeed very easy to hold this gun for long and shoot with it owing to its ergonomic design.


There are well etched grooves on the grip of the pistol in front of the checkering. This enables a good gripping surface and goes well with the impressive engineering that the gun incorporates. The Nova 12-gauge shotguns are capable of handling loads of ½ to 3 inch magnums, which indeed makes the gun pretty versatile. These features together make this Benelli pump shotgun a great machine. Moreover, the price at which these come is indeed another impressive aspect that makes them more popular.

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