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A Close Look On Benelli Ethos 20 Gauge

It is not without dearth of reason that the Benelli Ethos has been awarded the ‘2014 shotgun of the year’ The Benelli Ethos is a smart blend of modern technology and a wonderful traditional design. The best part about this gun is that it runs on ‘inertia driven’ system which adds to its high performance. Another helpful feature that makes this gun quite helpful is the autoloader which makes the gun fast and easy to use for amateurs. It also doesn’t require fine adjustments and cycles everything.

Ergonomically speaking, the gun has a great hold and that is what makes it an impressive firearm for amateurs as they do not need to do much adjustments. The operating system of the gun too is quite commendable and it has three parts. These are the rotating bolt head, the inertia spring and the bolt body. Since the gun comes with only a few moving parts, it becomes a lot easier to handle it.

Benelli 20ga

There’s a buttplate at the gun stick which is padded and there is also a cheek that helps in reducing the recoil which helps in ensuring a smooth use. The hard black anodized receiver comprises of a large ejection port. The gun also comes with a rotating bolt mechanism that enables the auto-return of the battery and a reliable recycling. The top of the barrel is made of up carbon fiber which makes the Benelli Ethos 20 gauge weigh less, therefore easier to carry. The rib of the Benelli Ethos is available at various sizes which make sit apt for various types of shooters.

Another effective part of this gun is its 28 inch hammer forged barrel which is made up of chrome lined Fleurs de Lys steel. This feature helps in two ways. First it ensures a concentric barrel dimension that increases the accuracy and also the reliability of the Benelli ethos. The second advantage is that it makes the gun efficient in handling steel shots as well.

Benelli Ethos 20 gauge

There has been two new additions to the Benelli Ethos series. Most of the designs on this gun has been inspired from its predecessors but there are quite a few designs that have been incorporated which add a new and modern look to the guns and also makes them more robust. For instance the loading port of the gun is beveled which means the shell of the gun can slide in the magazine. The Benelli Ethos 20 gauge shotgun also has a cross bolt safety which allows which is located behind the trigger which enables smooth functioning of the machine. It also comes with a cover of 5 years warranty which makes this gun more reliable.

The Benelli Ethos 20 gauge has the following features:

  • Caliber: 20GA
  • Weight: 5.6lbs
  • Length of Pull (LOP): 14-3/8″
  • Barrel Length: 28″
  • Overall Length: 49.5″
  • Choke: C, IC, M, IM, F
  • Stock: satin walnut

These features make the gun a robust and flexible shooting machine which is apt for an amateur as well as an advanced shooter.

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