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A Brief Review On Benelli Shotguns: 828U And ETHOS

Benelli, which has remained a leading gun manufacturer in the United States for quite some time, has now garnered accolades in the latest reviews on two of its guns – the 828U and the ETHOS.

A Glance At The Reviews On Benelli Shotgun 828U

The 828U Benelli over/under shotgun was reviewed by the Shooting Times earlier this year in January. In the review, they termed it to be the first over/under shotgun ever that featured a shim system. The review stated that the gun is also loaded with additional features, some of which are a Progressive Comfort system for recoil reduction and a removable trigger grip, the impulse-driven ejectors that enhances reliability, a carbon-fiber rib, fiber-optic sights and “Crio” cryogenically-treated free-floating and ventilated barrels.


This gun also got appreciative reviews from the Field and Stream that praised the 828 U’s “eye-catching design” and durability. It further went ahead to state it as “One of the hottest guns at the 2015 SHOT show media day”. This 12-gauge 828U features a patented steel locking system and plate, an adjustable drop and cast, and an opening lever that is ergonomic.


A Glance At The Reviews On Benelli ETHOS

The ETHOS is another Benelli firearm that has garnered some brownie points from various reputed reviewers. It has clinched the fourth rank in the category of best new shotgun in 2014 by Outdoors life. They have also described it as “nimble and light, yet dampens recoil very well.”

benelli ethos shotgun

Adding to the robustness of this Benelli gun is it’s “Easy-Loading” feature. The Daily caller stated in their review that the ETHOS “no longer requires a jeweler’s fine motor skills.”

The vented ribs of this Benelli shotgun are made up of carbon fiber, which contributes to its light weight. What makes the gun apt for various shooting requirements is that the vented ribs are interchangeable. Each Benelli ETHOS comes with three quick-change fiber optic front beads. The barrel below is shaped elegantly and the sleek forend provides an ergonomic feel and easy control.
Both these guns have helped ensure that the brand Benelli has held its ground firmly since their inception. With the commendable blend of traditional design and cutting edge engineering, Benelli has indeed set a high standard.

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