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5 Smart Tactical Shotguns From Benelli

Talking about Benelli Shotguns, two things that are always emphasized on are the technological aspect and the commendable Italian design. Where technology adds strength to the shotguns, the Italian design imparts an enviable look. The range of shotguns Benelli has today is certainly praiseworthy. Right from a tactical shotgun for pursuing waterfowl to those used by defense, Benelli has it all. Below listed are some of the Benelli tactical shotguns that are really effective and offers a good value for the price tag that they bear.


The Benelli Legacy –As often said to be a perfect blend of cutting edge engineering and traditional look, this gun would be a classic gun lover’s first choice. What makes it so advanced is its hugely reliable Inertia driven system. The stock of the gun comes with a Satin Walnut coat. Those looking for a gun that would satiate their classic fetish, yet yield the advantages of a modern gun, this Benelli tactical shotgun is the one.


The Benelli M4 tactical Shotgun –Called the ‘first tactical shotgun’ this gun runs on a semi-automatic operation. The ARGO (Auto Regulating gas Operated) version of this gun is what lends simplicity as well as effectiveness to this Benelli semi-auto shotgun. What makes this gun a smart choice is its modular feature. This means, the user can easily replace various parts such as the buttstock, the barrel, the forearm, etc. without using any tool.

Benelli ETHOS

The Benelli Ethos –Having won the “2014 Shotgun of the Year”, this gun is right up there on people’s list. This 12 gauge shotgun exudes innovation, great design, reliability and refinements. This Benelli semi-auto shotgun too runs on the Inertia Driven System. It has a nice looking AA-Grade Walnut stock, it cycles even little loads of as much as 7/8 ounce and has an improved ergonomics which makes it easier to hold and shoot with. Lastly, the progressive comfort recoil reduction system reduces recoil significantly.


The Benelli Supernova – This Benelli tactical shotgun comes with a standard pump action with a changeable stock and a single piece receiver. If one word is used to describe this Benelli shotgun then that would be ‘reliability’. That is exactly what makes this gun so popular among gun enthusiasts and hunters. The Supernova ComforTech and Steady Grip series is an ideal shotgun for trap enthusiasts and hunters. The Stock and the receiver of the Supernova have a polymer coating which prevents outer elements from affecting its look.

Benelli montefeltro

The Benelli Montefeltro –The Benelli Montefeltro is often said to be a ‘low-profile’ shotgun that has a commendable functionality as well as a smart look. This Benelli tactical shotgun too is powered by the Inertia Driven System which lends to the slim forend and ‘easy to handle’ feature. The Montefeltro 12 and 20 gauge both have magnum load chambers which makes them more versatile. The silver model of the Montefeltro is quite popular as it has an enviable look. It comes with an AA—grade satin walnut finish. Overall, a great gun in its price range.

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